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Oh my God!

So, Leupagus is an excellent hustler, and since I stalk her journal regularly, she has successfully initiated me into Hawaii Five-O. I mainlined season 1 this week...and you's like a show written by fandom for fandom! MADNESS!!

Kono, Kono, Kono! I want to have lots of ninja-surfing-dimple cheeked-babies with you!

Steve and Danno, so married! So tinsle-y and gay! Loves it!

Chin Ho, how are your so effing awesome and the personification of zen and look so frigging hot kneeling on a street with a motion-sensitive bomb around your neck! How?

In short, *shrieks at a sub-light pitch* Show, how are you so awesome!


Mar. 26th, 2010 10:53 am
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I've posted to [personal profile] liv Giant non-fandom friending meme, which, it cannot be said often enough, is a really great idea, particularly for someone like me who has just decided to de-lurk.

Since, I'm feeling a little dimwitted and the process of hiding a post behind a cut has defeated me *slumps* I shall paste my entry and possibly stare morosely into my rapidly emptying cup of coffee!

Identity: I'm a lawyer, a baker, a writer, a friend, an avid reader, an archivist and a historian. I am intense about justice and fairness and food, and relaxed about most everything else. Easy to please and ready to laugh and make others laugh.

Passions: Popular culture, television, reading, writing, alternative histories, fanfiction, food, baking, and many many other things which I have yet to discover.

Using Dreamwidth: I have to admit, that I've lived in, what some may call, morbid fear of lj and dreamwidth. The idea of entering the world of blogging particularly when I see the quality of writing and diversity of posts made me unsure of myself, which is a first for me. But hey, it's a new world and dreamwidth is my attempt at exploring it with a fellowship that is still emerging.

A link to a recent post of yours that is characteristic of your journal or writing style: It's a brand new journal, so there are only two posts there. But have a visit and let's talk.
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So, how did I not discover the glory that is Hustle until yesterday?

Seriously it boggles the mind!

Have mainlined season one of Hustle and let me tell you, BBC puts on some good shit. Let me count the ways:

1. Adrian Lester: the thinking girl's bad boy!
2. Clever script and spot on casting....*see 1*
3. The writers don't dumb it down, its written for clever, punny people -- keep up or get lost in the verbiage!
4. It's a crime-buddy show -- think a more elegant, refined, subtle and funny version of Ocean's 11!
5. Did I mention -- Clever? and Pretty?

In short, *Flail!*
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Hello internets!

This journal will house rl (primarily work related) and shenanigans!


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