Mar. 26th, 2010 10:53 am
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I've posted to [personal profile] liv Giant non-fandom friending meme, which, it cannot be said often enough, is a really great idea, particularly for someone like me who has just decided to de-lurk.

Since, I'm feeling a little dimwitted and the process of hiding a post behind a cut has defeated me *slumps* I shall paste my entry and possibly stare morosely into my rapidly emptying cup of coffee!

Identity: I'm a lawyer, a baker, a writer, a friend, an avid reader, an archivist and a historian. I am intense about justice and fairness and food, and relaxed about most everything else. Easy to please and ready to laugh and make others laugh.

Passions: Popular culture, television, reading, writing, alternative histories, fanfiction, food, baking, and many many other things which I have yet to discover.

Using Dreamwidth: I have to admit, that I've lived in, what some may call, morbid fear of lj and dreamwidth. The idea of entering the world of blogging particularly when I see the quality of writing and diversity of posts made me unsure of myself, which is a first for me. But hey, it's a new world and dreamwidth is my attempt at exploring it with a fellowship that is still emerging.

A link to a recent post of yours that is characteristic of your journal or writing style: It's a brand new journal, so there are only two posts there. But have a visit and let's talk.
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