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cantankerous_curmudgeon ([personal profile] cantankerous_curmudgeon) wrote2010-12-15 09:27 am

Hawaiian Man Pain

Oh my God!

So, Leupagus is an excellent hustler, and since I stalk her journal regularly, she has successfully initiated me into Hawaii Five-O. I mainlined season 1 this week...and you's like a show written by fandom for fandom! MADNESS!!

Kono, Kono, Kono! I want to have lots of ninja-surfing-dimple cheeked-babies with you!

Steve and Danno, so married! So tinsle-y and gay! Loves it!

Chin Ho, how are your so effing awesome and the personification of zen and look so frigging hot kneeling on a street with a motion-sensitive bomb around your neck! How?

In short, *shrieks at a sub-light pitch* Show, how are you so awesome!